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MiG "Fagot". Lim-2 không quân Ba Lan. Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG Leicester, UK: Midland Publishing, ISBN Belyakov, R. Butowski, Piotr with Miller, Jay. Davis, Larry. Doran, Jamie and Bizony, Piers.

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London: Bloomsbury Publishing plc, Gordon, Yefim and Davison, Peter. Speciality Press, Gordon, Yefim and Rigmant, Vladimir. Motorbooks, Gunston, Bill. The Osprey Encyclopedia of Russian Aircraft: London: Osprey Aerospace, Higham, Robin, Greenwood, John T. In conclusion, I would argue that it is equally important for schoolboys and schoolgirls to study local history as well as world history. Example: Every morning, all the children sang the school song in the hall, and this fostered asense of belonging to the school.

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Example: In the United States, there are many ethnic groups who come from different countries and cultures. Example: Armed with all the facts, he was well-prepared for his interview. Example: To understand the conflicts in Asia, we have to see events from a broader perspective of international politics. Example: More than 60 years have passed since French colonialism ended in Vietnam. Example: For people in the UK, contemporary life is easier than life in the past. Paragraph 2: advantages of online news. Reason 1: it is up-to-the-minute. Reason 2: it is accessible — many people have smart phones or laptops to connect instantly to the internet.

Paragraph 3: drawbacks of newspapers. Reason 1: cost — falling circulation — example US newspapers. Reason 2: environmental concerns — save paper and save forests.

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Conclusion: repeat introduction, using some different words. ANSWER: Many traditionalists believe that, however many people have access to the Internet, conventional newspapers will continue as the major source of news. I totally disagree with this view.

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The speed and convenience of the Internet in this digital age have led to the increasing popularity of online news. Firstly, the Internet is able to provide up-tothe-minute news as it happens, 24 hours a day every day. As long as I have my smart phone or laptop with me, I can connect almost instantly to the Internet, surf the websites and access the news of my choice across the globe.

Secondly, more and more people now have access to the Internet and this trend appears set to continue. The more widespread the accessibility of the Internet, the more people will come to rely on it as their news source. In contrast, newspapers have drawbacks which affect their popularity. One major disincentive of relying on newspapers as a news source is the cost.

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Competing with freely available news online, newspaper publishers are facing the reality of falling circulation figures. Some major American newspapers have now introduced online versions alongside their printed editions in an attempt to arrest Written by Ngoc Bach Website: www. Another disadvantage of newspapers is the amount of paper consumed in their production. With growing environmental awareness, there is a body of public opinion which rejects buying newspapers because this involves cutting trees and transporting them to paper mills.

While this may not be a major factor at present, the environmental argument will almost certainly gain ground in the future. In conclusion, I would argue that newspapers will continue to decline in importance, and more and more people will use the Internet to access the news.

Example: I agree with those traditionalists who think that drinks served in plastic cups taste worse than drinks served in glasses or normal cups. Example: In this digital age, many people have computer skills and Internet access. Example: Up-to-the-minute weather forecasts are always available on the Internet.

Example: When he researched his essay, John surfed the websites that appeared to contain the most useful information. Example: Although the quality of the food is excellent, the high prices at this supermarket are a disincentive to shopping here regularly. Example: After the price of the newspaper went up, the circulation figures immediately fell.

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Example: The idea of free school meals is supported by a large body of public opinion in the UK. Essay Plan: Introduction: refer to statement and give opinion — disagree. Paragraph 2: Prison can help to reduce crime [1] prison deters criminals — example: murderers [2] offenders in prison cannot be a danger to the public Paragraph 3: Education can also help to reduce crime [1] in schools — give students some knowledge of the law — example: drugs [2] education in prison — help to stop re-offending.

ANSWER Many people believe that the reduction of the crime rate will be achieved more effectively through better education rather than prison sentences. I disagree with Written by Ngoc Bach Website: www. On the one hand, I would argue that prison is effective in dealing with offenders. One reason is that a person who commits a crime must learn that unlawful actions have consequences.


Murderers, for instance, must be imprisoned for many years and such a punishment may act as a deterrent. They know that they will face loss of freedom, social isolation and separation from their loved ones if they carry out such a criminal act. Another reason is that when serious offenders are behind bars, they are no longer a danger to society and people can walk in the streets or relax in their homes more safely. On the other hand, I consider that education has a complementary role to play. Firstly, in schools, students should study some aspects of the law which affect their lives.

Having some knowledge of the law, students are better prepared to avoid situations which may involve them in crime or becoming a victim. For example, youngsters must study the important laws about driving and road safety. Secondly, in prisons themselves, educational programmes must aim to provide prisoners with skills and qualifications to find work when they are released.

I believe that prison sentences are one essential weapon in the fight against crime, and I disagree that providing better education alone is a more effective solution to reduce the crime rate. Example: As a result of more unemployment, the crime rate in the area is increasing. Example: My teacher has a distinctive approach to teaching English. Unlike the other teachers, she does not teach any grammar. Example: Security cameras play an integral role in tackling crime in stores and other public places. Example: Young offenders are sent to special prisons in the UK, where they do not mix with older criminals.

Example: In the UK, a youngster who commits a crime by stealing a car will almost certainly go to prison. Example: Some people say that the death penalty acts as a deterrent to people who wish to bring drugs illegally into their country. Example: Some form of social isolation is necessary for people who are violent or dangerous to others.


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Example: After the accident, hundreds of people phoned the emergency helpline to know if their loved ones were alive. Example: The man spent many years behind bars after he had killed a policeman. Example: Swimming and yoga are two complementary activities which help to reduce stress.

Example: Some prisoners who are sentenced to jail for life will never be released.