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But also have a meeting with Inuyasha and his friends to help them with their mission of bringing together the fragments of the Shikon jewel, Can he return to his time?. Gohan and the Mane 6 by FutureShock reviews Fluttershy and Gohan become friends after she was sent to earth by Twilight's portal spell. When it's time to leave, Gohan decides to go into the portal and head to Equestria.


Will Gohan be able to make it in this crazy new world, and can he make friends with other ponies as easily as he did with Fluttershy? This takes place in season 4. Dark Vengeance by SirScribe reviews Discord. Queen Chrysalis. King Sombra. Nightmare Moon. United, they pose a great threat to Equestria, and it won't be an easy fight for the Mane 6. When Twilight finds herself alone, she must ally herself with new friends in order to take back her home. This won't be easy. Will Twilight and her new friends save Equestria and the Elements? Or will darkness reign for all eternity? Whooves - Complete.

Derpy tiene una Premonición de ella y mas ponis muriendo en el vagón de un tren.

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Gracias a tal visión, doce logran salvarse de tal destino, pero lo que no saben es que su destino era morir allí. Parodia de Destino Final. Live and Learn by Dinoking98 reviews Ever since Gokus death during the Cell Games, Gohan has secretly blamed himself for what happened. After that battle, Gohan has always coming up with a way to be angry at something. When he transfers from Orange Star High School because of accidentally revealing his powers to fight off some bullies, he goes to Koryou High School, where History's Strongest Disciple goes.

Not John's favorite method of travel, but when a teleportation procedure get's interrupted, Spartan get's stranded in an entirely different timeline. How would one of humanities' greatest fare in a Japanese high school that just recently become co-ed and fight against the forces of evil What would also happen Seven years later when said friend came to Nerima to train Shampoo's "Airen" Ranma. What would change if he did enter Ranma's life.

Gohan is still coming to terms with the death of his father, Goku.

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Then, everything changes when he receives a letter to Hogwarts, and he's thrust into a magical world full of wizards, new friends, and adventure! When a mysterious chamber is opened, can he help his new friends fin the truth before it's too late? Under revision. Would things turn out like before or will the Tuffles finally have their revenge? Based on pictures made by Hsvhrt on DeviantArt. Who's Bad? Kratos however, finds this new world confusing, and struggles to adjust. With the help of arcade citizens such as Wreck-It Ralph, Vanellope von Schweetz, and a twist of fate, Kratos may soon find his place, for good or for evil.

Dragon Ball Z: La Magia de la Amistad by lacho12 reviews Goku y Vegeta son enviados a un mundo diferente donde tendran que hacer amistad con las mane6 y las princesas. Ignorance is Bliss by Icura reviews On the run from an ironclad marriage agreement, Ranma and Genma end up in a strange forest. In the middle of it all, they meet one of the four Rakshasa Demons, and things begin to spiral out of control. Not that they really noticed anything. What if he is still evil? How will Bulma face him? How will everyone try to change him? Will he ever be changed or will he try to take over the world?

Rated M for strong language, explicit content, and possible gore.

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Por causa de un jugo derramado, una dimensión paralela se liberó, haciendo que las Mane6 conozcan a sus contrapartes macho. Vegeta in Equestria by DarkVsLight reviews Vegeta has lost everything, his wife , his kids and his best friend Goku, to make things worse he was turned into a kid by Frieza and sent to equestria. This happens 15 years after Battle of gods and a few days before Twilight goes to ponyville the mlp characters are anthro for designs on them look at ss2sonic on deviant art.


Seventh Element Shots! The Coming Tide by Word Worthy reviews After a mysterious alien shipwreck, built by an unknown race, is uncovered in the Badlands by a team of pony archaeologists, some of the most deadly and virulent species the galaxy has ever known are inadvertently unleashed across Equestria. Now he's facing a new challenge: High School. However, the High School he's gone to is one for Monsters.

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Will he make it out alright, And will he survive the new 'friends' he's made? Saiyan to Succubus by Yin Protector reviews While training at Kami's lookout, Son Goku agrees to enroll at Yokai Academy under the premise of keeping the world safe from danger.

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But what at first seemed a chance to Goku to prove his strength against powerful enemies, soon turns into something far beyond his expectations. School Days by Zty reviews Capítulo Gotas de agua dulce. La vida de padres puede resultar ser una aventura para los padres primerizos, y a veces se pueden necesitar cosas nuevas para no aburrirse. Acompaña a Derpy y el Doctor en una semana "normal" de sus vidas como padres, mientras compiten por la primera palabra de su hija Dinky. Hoy: El final. Su abuela Pan le advierte que debe pasar a la preparatoria a como dé lugar.

Equestria Budokai Tenkaichi by Mr. E's-pen reviews Una fuerza misteriosa envía a Gohan y Videl a Equestria, donde comienzan su nueva vida como peones en la granja de Applejack. Todo parece ir bien hasta que Apple Bloom y sus amigas descubren los poderes de Gohan y obligan al joven Saiyajin a entrenarlas para así obtener sus Cutie Marks en artes marciales.

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Regreso de la Princesa Saiyayin: Saga Tres by kagome-hime10 reviews Seguimos de cerca las aventuras de Kagome y sus amigos, ahora mismo agreguemos juntos a estas épicas películas romance, aventura e intriga! Kratos thirsts for revenge, while Zeus is not happy with just King of The Gods and has pursued a bigger title. When Celestia and Luna fail to bow, Zeus declares war. Celestia has a plan but is it too far?

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Hurricane Venus by InuKag91 reviews She was given a choice; make a wish or save more lives. Which will she choose? A fat, yellow, bald monster. Naturally, Hijinks ensue. A boy who has faced prejudice and elitism all his life is thrown into the magical feudal society of Halkegenia. Separated from his former friends in an academy filled with aristocrats for whom heritage equals power, Harry will need all of his wits to find a way home.

source site Along with a few unpleasant enemies. What happens when the Chief and co. Rated T for the obvious reasons of swearing and general violence. Vegeta The Academic by gamerfreak reviews A continuation of H.